Disturbing Message in Anti-Heroin PSA


Chicago, IL - October 2, 2013  - Young Chicago-area teens, hooked on heroin, are turning to selling the last thing they posses -- their own bodies.  

This unthinkable trend is highlighted in a new Public Service Announcement released today by The Illinois State Crime Commission.  Produced by Karl Productions, the :30-second spot depicts a young teen conducting an on-line search for "customers."   The innocent 13-year old girl makes contact with a customer on-line, and waits for him in a park.  When the older man arrives by car, the young teen hops from a swing, gets in the front seat, and the car pulls away.


The 30-second spot is based on a concept first conceived by ISCC Executive Director Jerry Elsner, who commissioned Karl Productions to create a spot that draws attention to what he calls the "heroin epidemic" in the Chicago area.  

"It's a disturbing image but an important concept that parents and law enforcement need to comprehend," says Karl Productions President David Beedy.