Case Studies: Web Videos

CASE STUDY: Made to Measure

Challenge: How do you convey the precision, speed, and brainpower of Made-to-Measure's all-star team & facility in a high-impact, short-form video?

Solution:  Responding to M-to-M's mission to create a "wow" factor, we filmed their equipment, people and process and created a sizzling weave of images, music and graphics into a one-minute overview.  

Forest Security Inc.png

CASE STUDY: Forest Security

Challenge:  How can we clearly illustrate the unique benefits offered by a long-time, Chicago-based home security firm?

Karl Productions Solution: Script, shoot and edit a 90-second home page video, and a :30 second TV spot, combining company spokesman stand-up with artfully composed footage, delivering a "keeping your family safe" message.


CASE STUDY: Klein Tools

Challenge: How do you turn client's creative concept into a clever "Western Shootout" promotional video?

Karl Productions Solution: Choose actors, block action and select pitch-perfect music to achieve a "spaghetti western" edit that creates drama, while not taking itself too seriously, while linking the "Klein Tools" legacy with an innovative, new product.


CASE STUDY: CPD Recruiting

Challenge: How do you motivate potential candidates to take the test to become a Chicago Police Officer?

Karl Productions Solution: Conduct interviews in engaging spaces with real-life Chicago cops and create a weave of heartfelt testimonials that portray the special "Family" bond within the Chicago Police Department.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 4.31.52 PM.png

CASE STUDY: University of Chicago Medical Center

Challenge: How do you convince potential patients of the benefits of a De-Fib procedure performed at the University of Chicago Medical Center?

Karl Productions Solution: Conduct in-depth, well-lit interviews with a patent and her attending physician to elicit the human side of this incredible medical technology.