Case Studies: Documentaries

CASE STUDY:  Safe Humane Chicago



Challenge:  How do you capture the special dynamic and create new awareness of a pilot life-saving program that links U.S. Veterans and rescue dogs?

Karl Productions Solution: We combined hand-held and low-angle motion, and conducted a series of intimate interviews to create a powerful short-form documentary, attracting more than 25,000 on-line views in it's first week.  Winner of a national Telly Award.


CASE STUDY: Chicago Public Schools/ODLSS

Challenge:  How to you spread the word about a unique internship program that pairs special needs students with forward-thinking corporate partners.

Karl Productions Solution:  Shoot extensive footage and conduct personal interviews to create a short-form documentary that captures the innovative partnership between a Chicago Public School and a local institution with a strong commitment to its community.




CASE STUDY: Chicago Fire Department

Challenge: How do you capture the most comprehensive emergency exercise in Chicago history and convey the City's capacity in Technical Rescue, Mass Casualty Incident Response, Unified Command and Public Information?

Karl Productions Solution: Man the event with multiple crews and conduct extensive interviews to document an exercise unmatched in scope and realism.


CASE STUDY: Chicago Public Schools

Challenge: When the school year started last fall, there were a significant number of students attending new Chicago Public Schools.  For students with disabilities, going to a new school presented a unique set of challenges.  How do you prepare teacher and staff for this significant shift?  

Karl Productions Solution:  Working in concert with the Office of Diverse Learners Supports & Services and JJ's List, we conducted extensive interviews with young adults with disabilities. Their keen insights became the basis of a poignant short-form documentary which is now an essential component of CPS training system-wide.   


CASE STUDY: Chicago Police Memorial Foundation

Challenge: How do convey the importance of supporting families of Chicago police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice?    

Karl Productions Solution:  Conduct personal interviews with family members, and create a rich tapestry of poignant remembrances, artful beauty shots and historical footage, to convey the Foundation's "We Will Never Forget" message.

CASE STUDY: Chicago Park District

Challenge: How do you show the value of innovative Chicago Park District programming as it relates to the lives of young Chicagoans?

Karl Productions Solution: Capture footage and in-depth interviews and create an organic weave of natural sound, hip music, and spoken word as part of the "Chicago @ Play" series.


CASE STUDY: Safe Humane Chicago

Challenge: How do you explain the uniqueness of a program that pairs troubled youth with shelter dogs?

Karl Productions Solution: Film several sessions and document the growth and benefits achieved by boys and dogs alike in a memorable documentary that captures the "Lifetime Bonds" essence.


CASE STUDY: Chicago Park District

Challenge: How do you capture the competitive nature of Wheelchair Basketball, while showing what the sport means to young lives?

Karl Productions Solution: Capture engaging hand-held footage at several tournaments, film in-depth interviews and produce poignant personal stories, which convey the dynamic and historical context of this engaging sport.

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CASE STUDY: Chicago Public Schools

Challenge: How do you bring a Teaching Framework to life so that all teachers can model teaching best practices?  

Karl Productions Solution: Create a series of 4-6 minute mini-documentaries, featuring interviews and classroom footage of an accomplished teacher who exhibits specific Framework traits.