CASE STUDIES: Training Videos

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CASE STUDY:  National Canine Research Council, Safe Humane Chicago

Challenge:  How do you reach law enforcement nationally with critical information that provides them safe, tactical options in their encounters with dogs?

Karl Productions Solution:  Working with NCRC, SHC and law enforcement and canine experts, we scripted, filmed, edited and produced a ground-breaking, five-part information series, currently being distributed nationally to all police agencies by the COPS Office of the US Department of Justice.  Winner of a 2014 National Telly Award.

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CASE STUDY: YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

Challenge: How do you effectively present Emergency Preparedness training to all staff at YMCA of Metro Chicago?

Karl Productions Solution: Script, shoot and edit a three-part Preparedness Video Series, featuring scenarios specific to the YMCA of Metro Chicago, and a "pop quiz" at the conclusion to gauge retention.

CASE STUDY: Austin Clinic

Challenge: How do you prepare clinic staff for a policy change providing routine HIV tests on all patients?

Karl Productions Solution: Create a visually compelling Training/Awareness Video, answering anticipated "objections" with statistics and anecdotal rationale.


CASE STUDY: Illinois Secretary of State

Challenge: How do you make Illinois residents aware of investment fraud dangers?

Karl Productions Solution: Create scenario-based characters and situations to illustrate the dangers of con artists and create both a single-view information video and 30-second Public Service Announcement.


CASE STUDY: Chicago Police Department

Challenge: How can you prepare Chicago Police Officers to respond to an Active Shooter situation in a Chicago school?

Karl Productions Solution: Script, shoot and edit a scenario-based Training Video, using a dramatic school shooting incident to set the initial tone.  Winner of a national Telly Award.