Why Professional Video Is A Must.


Emmy Award Winning Producer Simply Explains Why Professional Video Is A Must For You and Your Business

Is video really necessary for small business owners? “Yes!”, says Dave Beedy, President of Karl Productions. “Quality is also far more important than quantity for businesses.”

Beedy offers the following guidelines on why and how professional video should become a staple component in your business marketing plans:

Video attracts customers and grows business.

Videos help capture attention! We all have but seconds to grab someone’s attention, whether it be via email, mobile, social media or on websites – just long enough to entice others to want to find out more about us, and our products and services.

Videos can easily break the ice and create an instant, positive impression. Visual mediums quickly show current and potential customers: WHO you are, WHAT you’re about and WHY you or your company is special.

Refrain from using iPhones and Androids to, “just shoot some video for your website”.

This is your business we’re talking about and you get but one chance to make a first impression. Shooting your own business video with a phone cam would be like sending a potential client your pitch on a post-it-note. Yes, it’s that silly!

Professionally produced videos provide: well-written and marketing honed scripts, expert lighting, artistic shot composition, seamless editing, motivating music tracks and quality graphics. Well-crafted videos don’t need to be long – but they need to be top notch!

Understand that cost is a negotiable thing.

Creative services of any kind are tough to price without succinct project definition. (It’s kind of like answering “how long is a piece of string?”) That said, a good professional video production company worth its salt will work with you and your budget!

Great production companies will give you Plan A, B & C options, all tooled to produce professional videos at effective cost levels. 

Dave’s top video suggestions for small to medium businesses are: Home Page “Welcome Videos,”  Video E-mail/Newsletters,  Testimonials, Product Launch, and Video Training.